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Some items and categories have been re-organized and renamed, such as the category called General Info where you'll find the webguide and image gallery listed.

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Last updated June 22, 2013. Added links to new Chinese translations of Arrivals and Departures, Massage Story, and Practice Makes Perfect.

General Info


stories grouped by author, then alphabetized by title

Please be aware that some authors have their own websites now with more complete collections of their stories. Do check them out, for I often do not have time to update Sacrilege with new stories lately.


These items are not "nonfiction"
in the sense of being strictly historical or true,
but are merely some essays, humour, and other musings
that don't belong to Fiction.

Off-site links

Please be aware that an increasing number of H/W stories are available on other fiction archives, or on the author's personal websites, and you should definitely check them out, for I often do not have time to update Sacrilege with new stories lately.

Copyright for each story/work belongs to the individual author or creator, of course, but my particular presentation of these works in this specific collection, with my background image, layout, and such, are copyrighted by me. That's how anthologies work. Also, I don't object to archiving stories that are archived on other people's collections too. Share the wealth, I say.

Any potential authors for this site should note that they are free to indicate to me via email whether they wish their true name and/or email address to be affixed to their writings. Also, if you want to link to this website, but don't have your own "Warning Page" for slash material, please link to mine as the entrance. My ring memberships are also listed on that page. Thanks.
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