Web Guide for members
of the Holmesslash list

This is intended as a permanent, and continually updated, reference for all members of Holmesslash with a website, regardless of whether the websites have slash or H/W content or not. In addition, at the foot of this webguide is a listing of general Sherlockian websites.

I shall try to provide descriptions or detailed reviews of websites when possible, and hopefully, we as a group will now be able to learn more about each other this way. Please email me to add your website to this list or to update your information, especially if you've moved to a new URL.

Holmesslash on YahooGroups

YahooGroups houses our mailing list, and once you join, the Holmesslash page is available for you to read messages from, go through list archives, or modify your membership settings.

(the rest of these listings are in alphabetical order)


Acassha's Patria features fanfic about Harry Potter, Gundam Wing, X-Men, and Lord of the Rings.


Alia's Amorous Intent specialises in Quantum Leap Slash, with links, stories, and pictures.


Storyteller's Campsite, the home of Allaire, contains fanfic and slash recommendations for several fandoms.


Athea's website covers many different fandoms, including Holmes, Highlander, Lord of the Rings, Hercules, and her original fiction Atlantis Rising.


Carmilla's Starfall, contains her various fiction, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic, slash fic, and original fiction. She also accepts submissions for fanfic, especially unusual pairings or fandoms.


The Scribs features Cassima's fanfic in Invisible Man, Farscape, Gundam Wing, Buffy, Angel, and quite a few other fandoms. Her stories are both het and slash, and she also has a little fanart.


The Catacomb contains fanfic by Catwoman for Babylon 5, Nikita, Pretender, and X-Files.


Cicero's Vestibulum, though still a bit under construction, contains a valuable list of zines for H/W and Inspector Morse slash. She also has her own fiction written in both those fandoms.


Yep, me. You already know of my Sacrilege site, but if you want some more of my fractured personality, see my blog.


Check out Deborah's den for a varied fanfic, both gen and slash. It includes new Holmes/Watson, Addams family, real Ghostbusters, plus older Sentinel, Due South, and other stuff.


Elfin has written many stories based on the recent BBC adaptation of Hound of the Baskervilles, starring Richard Roxburgh and Ian Hart.


Indy's Singular Cases contains her H/W slash stories, other people's, and many Jeremy Brett pictures.

Irene Adler

Irene's site shows off her vast and varied writings, including her original fiction called Women on Fire, a manual called "The Art of Being Come Out to: A Straight Person's Guide to Gay Etiquette", song parodies, polls, and her intelligent critiques of TV shows, and films.


Jatona's site has no H/W slash, but she assures us that "I'm working on it!" In the mean time, though, she has plenty of Forever Knight, Highlander, and Gargoyles fiction.


JJ maintains pages on Star Trek and "Swamp Thing" (an obscure cable show for which JJ does provide FAQs and other info).


She used to have a website containing her Holmes fic, but took it down.


Her work is now on fanfiction.net, including her Holmes parody character, Sebastian Domesday.

Love Bug 54

Watson's Journal contains many well written fics, set day by day into the canon.


Pythoness aka Ziggy makes her home at Ravenland Arts, which contains descriptions of her sculpture, her original fiction, and some slash, mostly Tolkien slash.


Susannah Shepherd's Fiction Collection contains her stories on Blake's 7 and Holmes, along with her original erotica.


Telanu's Rag and Bones Shop showcases her various fanfiction.


TOS Twins is actually the home for both T'Len and Lady Charena. Their site is bilingual. "You will find a great deal of stories (most of them are slash) and some art from us and dear friends. The fanfiction is in English and German language. We also have zine-announcements (TOS Sisters) and a great link-section." So feel free to visit if you're interested in reading fanfiction for Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, M*A*S*H, and other genres.


Veinglory has a new blog called Gay Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlockian pages

These sites are non-slash pages that are of interest to the general Sherlockian community, and can be valuable references to our members who are unfamiliar with the finer points of Sherlockiana.


Chris Redmond's recently moved and renamed Sherlockian.Net is the most comprehensive Holmes site on the web. It is also now home to the Hounds of the Internet mailing list.

Camden House

Created by David Soucek, Nancy Blakestad, and Vladimira Korousov, and now maintained by new staff, this site features an illustrated version of the canon, along with a lovely collection of pictures and sounds.

BBC Radio Holmes series

Bert Coules, head writer of the recent BBC Radio series, maintains an unofficial site devoted to these wonderful shows starring Clive Merrison and Michael Williams as Holmes and Watson.

BBC Murder Rooms series

Murder Rooms is a popular British TV series that is somewhat related to Holmes. Murder-Rooms.com contains the full details, but basically the series follows Doyle and his medical school teacher, Dr. Joseph Bell, during their investigations of varied mysteries.

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

A British society, the SHSL recently erected a statue of Holmes in London, which you can read about on their website. They also provide other Sherlockian information and resources, such as downloadable desktop themes (see the site map) and a great overview of Holmes in movies, TV, radio, and theatre.

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